Science Beats Myth(s)

Don’t believe you can get enough nutrients with plants? Read on to be proved wrong. If you like anecdotes, we share actual blood test results to show how we can be healthy by just consuming plant-based food.

Healthful, Flavourful, Playful Kimchi

Easy, authentic, quick to make, healthy and exotic kimchi dish packed with essential vitamins!

Yummy Hot Chocolate

A quick warm cup to go with your afternoon reading time.

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Whether you are already living a plant-based lifestyle, or just interested to know about what it is, veggino is the practical guidebook for embracing a new way of life that starts on your plate and may seep into other aspects of your life in Japan. In both English and Japanese, we provide you with practical information, from getting to know about a plant-based lifestyle, all the way to grocery shopping, cooking, eating out and keeping healthy.

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Vegetarian Experience In Lebanon

For Christmas 2018, I decided to spend time in Lebanon. I hadn’t been there for a while and it was the first time I visit since I changed my diet in February 2018 to Vegan and September 2018 to Vegetarian. To my surprise, my family was prepared to support me on my Vegan/Vegetarian journey and provided me the strength I needed to stay on track!

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