First Trip To Montreal As A Vegan/Vegetarian

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Featured, Plant-Based 101

Going Back To Montreal

I had the opportunity to travel back to Montreal for a week last October 2018. It was the first time I meet my family since I became vegan 1 year ago (and more vegetarian starting September 2018). It was also the first time I visit Montreal after my diet change, a place where I lived in for 9 years as an omnivore! A small part of me was concerned with my family’s reaction to my diet change, and a bigger part of me was intrigued to find out what choices of vegan and vegetarian food existed in Montreal. Never did it cross my mind when living there to visit a vegan/vegetarian restaurant, so I was clueless as to how easy or difficult it may be for a vegan/vegetarian person to survive in Montreal.

My Family, A Source Of Support

Lucky for me, my family was very open minded about my diet change. They did their best to accommodate and cook food choices that are easy for me to eat. My decision to change diet also sparked interesting (and sometimes heated!) debates as to which diet option is best! Making the story short, we all believe there was no choice better than the other. At the end of the day, it is just a matter of preference as to what makes you comfortable as a person to consume. We also all ended up agreeing that having a balanced diet is really important for any individual, as well as being fully aware as to what you’re feeding your body, what it really consists of and the impact it has on your health, mood and future.

Eating Out As A Vegan/Vegetarian In Montreal

For a few instances during my days in Montreal, I had the time to eat out. I tried a falafel shop in the north of the city, which offered delicious vegan falafel sandwiches. My cousin Marc took me to a restaurant serving mostly vegan and vegetarian breakfast options, where I tried one of their egg and bean dishes! I also visited a popular Italian restaurant one evening, where I had a delicious kale and quinoa salad. I found it ironic how I had been to this place many times in the past, yet never noticed that they had a vegan option on the menu! Finally, after much advertisement from my cousin, I decided to try out a vegan burger place that offered a bean patty option. It was a little dry for me, but it did make me happy to see how much vegan food has advanced over the years. Such a restaurant wouldn’t have existed 10 years ago in Montreal.

It was also very refreshing to see how easy it is to make vegan food at home in Montreal, and more importantly how many restaurant offered a vegan or vegetarian option on their menu. I wish Tokyo and Japan was this easy as well, but as of today, it is not…and that’s why we created veggino: to help spread awareness of the benefits of trying vegan food, to point out that it is actually not that difficult to cook vegan dishes at home, and to help restaurants diversify their menu by adding vegan and vegetarian friendly options!

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