Veggino’s Launch Event – The Start of Something Great

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Events, Featured

85 People Eating Their Way to Health and Sustainability 

veggino’s launch event took place on September 10th at Tokyo’s Nagatacho’s Grid in partnership with our friends at Social Innovation Japan (these great guys). A rainy evening didn’t stop all tickets from being sold and all seats from being filled. The evening was 2.5 hours of food, positive energy, and a sense that we really have the power to make an impact.

Mixed Crowd, Unanimous Support 

Though the event was held in English (a Japanese event is in the making – stay tuned!), we were thrilled to see a few dozen locals in the audience. Similarly, there were vegans, vegetarians, omnivores, business owners, a small majority of females, young and old… you get the picture. The one thing we all had in common was the will to take action to drive a positive change in ourselves and those around us. It was truly invigorating to witness how wide and comprehensive the base of support for veggino’s cause is!

The event began with a short presentation that explained the What and Why of a plant-based lifestyle, and continued with a Q&A session with the whole veggino team. Then the audience was divided into discussion groups, in which some eye-opening conversations took place and mouth-watering falafel and salad was served as a healthy plant-based snack. Jad demonstrated his famous and surprisingly easy-to-follow Hummus recipe, and finally everyone shared drinks and opinions in a vibrant mingling session.

|(Plant-Based) Food For Thought

We all felt that the event was a success – and the feedback we received from many of our guests strengthened our impression (and also helped us reflect on what needs improving). We managed to raise awareness and provoke thought and discussion among 85 open-minded people, and just as importantly, they provoked thoughts and insights in us.  

The energy that we received at the event will fuel us for the coming projects we have lined up. We are now armed with some important lessons from the event, with some ideas and offers for strategic partnerships, and with the realization that there are many people in Japan from all walks of life ready to explore a plant-based lifestyle for their health, the environment, and our fellow animals.

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I believe that animals are here to share the Earth with us, not to satisfy our desires. This led me to drop meat from my menu at an early age. In 2011, after learning about the process involved in the production of eggs and dairy, I started researching about veganism and decided to become plant-based. As I continue to learn and experiment, I still marvel at the many benefits that a plant-based lifestyle offers. I’ve lectured in schools about animal welfare and I hope that through veggino, we can help people in Japan explore this life-changing journey. The number of plant-based people worldwide has been skyrocketing in recent years, and it’s Japan’s turn now!

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