What Is “Plant-Based” Diet?

“Vegan” (what we actually refer to as 100% plant-based) is a term brought up in the 1940’s which entails the concept of abstaining from the consumption of animal products. This means not using any animal products – in the menu, in the wardrobe, nor for recreational purposes. You may think that it is a crazy idea from the 20th century, however plant-based living has existed in human cultures for thousands of years and has impacted certain religions. Even Japan used to be nearly plant-based just a hundred years ago! Click below to learn more about Veganism and the history of plant-based lifestyles, or click here if you want to take our 11 questions quiz on the different diets of this world.

Our Definition Of "Plant-Based"

To us at veggino, a plant-based lifestyle is a lifestyle choice to consume solely plant-based products and exclude any animal byproducts from our diets and other areas of consumption. Such a lifestyle is most in line with our three pillars of value: health, environment, and ethics. But although we believe that a 100% plant-based lifestyle best embodies our core values, we also think that the journey to achieve it should be fun, easy, tasty, and never forced or rushed. We want to support those who share our beliefs by providing guidance on how to introduce more plant-based products into their lives in a healthy, delicious, and sustainable manner. We believe that you should choose how plant-based you want to be!

Whether you already lead a 100% plant-based lifestyle or are just beginning to explore this fascinating lifestyle choice, we're here to make your life as a thoughtful consumer in Japan easier.

Benefits Of Being Plant-based

Opting for a plant-based diet and lifestyle has many benefits! You get to eat richer nutrients, lower your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, help the environment and more important learn more about yourself, your body and your limits. A plant-based diet has different impacts on each person. Some people who practice a plant-based lifestyle seem to get rid of their allergies (including Hay fever!), whereas others lose weight and get in better shape. Some reduce their chances of getting cancer, and others get rid of their arthritis pain. What is certain is that a plant-based diet, practiced in a safe manner, has many benefits for yourself and the rest of the world. The only way to experience and find out what those benefits are is by giving it a try! 

Improved Health

Reduce risk of diseases caused by animal fat intake (diabetes, etc.)

A Richer Diet

Intake more fiber, antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds

Lower Footprint

Cut your food carbon footprint and help the environment and animals

So How Do I Get Started?

Choosing to eat plant-based is not that difficult – if you know how. From basic nutrition to grocery shopping, we have done all the work for you. We offer guides and tips based only on facts (okay, the facts are sometimes complicated, but we did our best to separate the wheat from the chaff for you) to provide something that works for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a healthy cleanse day inspiration or changing your lifestyle, we’re here to help…so check out our blog!

Ready To Get Started?

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